Westosan.com is the website of Roger West, a Chartered Financial Planner who has been working in the financial services industry since 1970 and who has gained a lot of experience in many financial areas over the years as well as a number of examination passes to prove his knowledge.

Honesty and ethics are an integral part of any planning carried out for clients and the Financial Services Authority (FSA) requirements to always 'treat customers fairly' are closely followed.

The website contains a number of links which you should find useful and of course you are invited to use the contact page for any queries or concerns that you have.

Before you go any further just think about this…

If you don't put petrol in your car it won't go very far...common sense?

If you don't put money in your bank account you won't pay many bills…common sense?

If you die leaving a spouse / partner and children you will want them to be financially secure…common sense?

If you retire and live another 25 years you will want an income to continue for those 25 years…common sense?

Roger West

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