It doesn't always happen to the other person.



Well, insurance rears it's head again if you want to protect your house against such things as fire, flood, storm damage, malicious damage, theft and more. By the way, this is the one insurance contract that all mortgage lenders insist you have so you cannot get out of it.

Like a mortgage, cheapest isn't always best as many people have found out when trying to make a claim!

There is a lot of small print so if you want to use a comparison site to save money don't be surprised if you don't get the cover you thought you had only you probably won't find that out until you need to make a claim. Oops!

Buildings are anything that is left behind when you move. Contents are anything that can go with you. Arrange both covers with the same insurer and you normally get a discount.

When we arrange buildings or contents insurance cover for clients we go through the contract with them and provide all the relevant facts both verbally and in writing. Any exclusions are highlighted so you understand the contract before committing. Should you need to make a claim we are here to help you through the process.

At Westosan we also have access to some really large insurance brokers who can insure just about everything you can think of (especially useful for commercial and business insurances).

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