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First of all, let's link you to the Financial Services Authority (FSA) as they authorise and regulate everybody in financial services. Their website is quite large but you might like to start with their 'Money Made Clear' pages. You will find them here.

Now I want to blow my own trumpet because I am a Chartered Financial Planner. It sounds impressive and it is impressive.
Click here to find out more.

For professional mortgage advice click here

For professional insurance advice click here

To find out more about Social Housing and Government help start here : Housing or contact us.

Financial problems? Need help with your mortgage? Try this link

Another good site for those people with debts. The Consumer Credit Counselling Service is a charity that will help you. They are busy and may not give you all the help you need immediately, but they are free and honest and you will find them here

To obtain a free projection of your State pension benefits use this link This link will also allow you to download a paper application form which can be posted.

Two of my favourite websites which are there to help you are as follows:

Money Saving Expert and Money Supermarket They have an awful lot of useful stuff and Money Saving Expert does exactly what it says on the tin it saves you money!

If you want to borrow money you should go to one of these two sites first to obtain a free (30 day free trial) copy of your credit report. See what the lenders see and check on how well you are doing:

Experian is probably the most popular agency with lenders. When you see your report you will realise how important it is to pay bills by direct debit so there are no late payments. In the current economic climate late payments often mean no more credit for you. And make sure you are on the Voter's roll or you will have problems getting credit.

Not on the Voter's roll?
Here is the link to download the simple application form. Most Councils will add you the following month so it doesn't take long

Do you have internet banking? If not, you should sign up for it even if you won't use it often. It provides 24 hour access to your account(s) and you can move money around and cancel direct debits online. If you don't know your bank's web address just type in their name on your browser and it should appear. It feels so good to be in control!

Footsie 100 (FTSE) is just one of a number of Footsie indices and you can follow share performance here.

Are you buying, or do you already own a leasehold property? This site will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about leases (and it's all free!) leasehold property information

The next one is fun financial planning. Need to buy a gift? (Don't spend too much!!) by going to I Want One of Those

And finally, this website would not exist without the help of a very special (and absolutely brilliant) lady called Heather. You really should click here to see some of her work.

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