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Frankly, if you don't make a will you're daft.

How else will you arrange for your assets to go to the right people in a tax efficient manner?
If there is anybody in your life that you care about don't kick them in the teeth when you die – leave them in a good position without an enormous financial mess to sort out (which costs much more money than the will does) and a delay of several months while the estate is prepared for administration.

If you are not married or in a Civil Partnership but live with somebody do you know what they get from your estate if you die without a will? Nothing. Absolutely zilch.

Have you got an ex spouse? Die without a will and see what they get up to at the expense of other loved ones.

Don't be daft – MAKE A WILL

When you do make your will it quickly becomes apparent whether you are likely to have an inheritance tax problem (more money for the taxman and less for your family). If it looks like you might have to pay tax after you are dead this is the time to make plans to reduce the bill or avoid it completely. There are numerous ways to reduce your tax bill - ask for details.

Having made your will you just have to find somewhere safe to keep it (most will providers can do this for you) and to review it as part of your annual financial health check. It won't be much good to anybody if it is out of date,or lost, when you die!

From The Kentish Express Newspaper 02/09/2010:

“The Consumer Credit Counselling Service (CCCS), has seen a rise in calls from people struggling to deal with debts after a bereavement.

Most of the calls are from people dealing with the debts of their recently deceased spouse or a partner leaving them burdened with their debts.

Another group the charity has seen an increase in calls from is people whose parents have died. CCCS says that many have reported receiving calls from creditors eager for payment, even before the estate was put in order”.

Many of these problems can be dealt with by a suitable life assurance policy and a will.

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